10 Beautiful Ceilings That Anchor The Entire Room

Here are a few ceiling ideas for you. You can consider them for any size room, for any type of window, and any kind of finishing that you might have in your home. The idea here is to make the room appear larger without making it feel smaller. Look at the finished product, and see if you see what I mean.

Have you ever seen a double-hung ceiling? A very nice-looking ceiling! It’s a style that will work well in any room that has a traditional style ceiling, such as a Victorian home or an English Tudor house. Two walls have been walled between, and they are one over the other. This gives the room an architectural feel, as well as making it appear much larger than it really is.

10 Beautiful Ceilings That Anchor The Entire Room

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The major benefit here is that you can put a high ceiling in a room without sacrificing functionality. Even a closet in the basement will look bigger with this style of the ceiling. So will many of the rooms in a house.

And if you do decide to use this style of the ceiling, remember that you can take the top part of it and simply run it down the wall to create a great floor plan in a small space. Plus, if the lighting is appropriate, it will work wonderfully in terms of creating dramatic lighting.

Or you can use the bottom half to add some subtle lighting to a hallway or other area in the room. You could put some low-intensity bulbs on the bottom half of the ceiling, which will be lit up beautifully, but not add any extra glare to the room.

Some people opt for this style, even if they don’t live in a room that is the size of the attic room in a Tudor home. This can also be a great option for a child’s bedroom. Another great idea for a kid’s room is to have the top half of the ceiling covered with Christmas lights, and then have the bottom half-covered with a huge string of lights. You’ll easily be able to fill a room with them.

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This is also a great idea if you have a bookcase set in the wall, but it’s taller than the other books in the room. You can use the top half of the ceiling to put a coat of paint on it and turn it into a bookcase with another bookcase on the floor.

These are all ceiling ideas that can be adjusted with the room size. If you’ve got a small room, it’s probably better to keep your ceiling a little bit higher, if you’re not worried about shadows on the floor. A ceiling height that is a little bit lower may work better for a room that is slightly larger than it is tall. You can also find many creative options if you have windows, which will change the shape of the ceiling.

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