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19 Genius Small Kitchens Ideas for Smarter Storage

Imagine you had more space to work within your kitchen. How would that make it easier? We at The Kitchen Workshop have thought of this problem and come up with a solution so we could hear from our readers on what they think is the most important thing when designing or redecorating their kitchens!
A quick look around any house will tell us there’s usually only one storage area where items get put away: All over everything imaginable – dishes, pots & pans… even food if someone was storing unused ingredients after cooking them earlier than planned

A small kitchen is a less complicated space to navigate than one that’s full of unnecessary items. But even if you can’t eliminate everything in your pantry, there are some simple tweaks and tricks for maximizing the storage capacity of every inch available! How? Use our guide on how to organize using different levels: cabinets above countertops; shelves inside closets/storage spaces near entryways or along walls – wherever they may be will help ensure no square centimeter goes unused while simultaneously making sure nothing gets forgotten about either due to carelessness or laziness

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Small kitchens can be a challenge to work with. But here are some small kitchen designs and ideas that will make your life easier in the future!
I know what you’re thinking- there is no way my countertops could handle more than one large appliance at once…or maybe even two different sizes of cookware on them? Well, fear not because I’ve found nineteen excellent solutions below.



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