19 Small Laundry Room Ideas and Designs

If you have been looking for ways to add storage space to your home and still be able to have a view of the outside, then there are several Small Laundry Room Ideas that will help you. The secret is to find one or two ways to use your space without going overboard. Not all of the ideas might work for you, but they can be great to provide a bit of relief for those who are small and not used to being in areas where space is a priority.

One of the best Small Laundry Room Ideas is a loft unit. Some lofted units are so large they can hold a full-size washing machine. A good idea is to check out the lofted unit at a laundromat and to try the item on first. You may just be able to afford that many items of clothing and need a way to store it.

20 Small Laundry Room Ideas and Designs

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Another area of storage is underneath your countertop. This is another one of the Small Laundry Room Ideas that will make most people happy. You can use the space under your sink to store things you don’t really need that often and to keep them out of sight. You could also use it as storage for a laptop computer if you keep it tucked away in your closet.

Many people like to use their closets as another place to keep all of their Small Laundry Room Ideas. This is a great place to use drawers as well as shelves and drawers for clothing. A small idea would be to use all of the drawers for cleaning supplies.

Do you have a big closet where you keep clothes and a smaller space for storage? Then consider putting shelving under your wardrobe where you can store coats, hats, and other accessories you don’t wear often.

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There are several other Small Laundry Room Ideas that will work for you. A nice place to hang out is in the basement or the attic. No matter where you decide to store items, having a place for everything to go is a great way to prevent clutter.

If you have trouble getting organized in your home, and there are a lot of items around that you feel can benefit from Small Laundry Room Ideas, consider doing a closet remodel. Your closet may be a bit smaller, but it will still have enough room for you to store everything you want to keep in it.

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