12 DIY Countertops That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are the type of person who wants a number of choices when it comes to concrete countertops, then consider getting some DIY countertops. These are typically popular because they offer a number of design options, making it easy to make your house look more contemporary and modern. However, do remember that you are responsible for how the countertops will look. Some people don’t like the way their countertops will look when they install them, but if you try to remedy this by yourself, you could end up with an inferior looking countertop.

It’s important to think about your personal preferences and take into consideration all the different ideas you have for countertops when you are planning to install them. You may not be able to choose everything in a clear-cut way, but you should at least consider these ideas:

12 DIY Countertops That Will Blow Your Mind

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o Want a square base? If you want a square countertop, around countertop is also an option. However, if you want to make a central slab for the kitchen, you might want to choose a square base for the countertop. This will help you maximize the space.

o Want something wider? This option can work well for you. A wide countertop with a sloped base will give your kitchen a wider appeal. Just be sure to choose a high-quality material to ensure durability.

o Get a base that is more stable. When you install DIY countertops, the main focus is on aesthetics, so you may want to focus on making the surface stable rather than on its appearance. This is not possible with a normal countertop, so a sturdy base is a must.

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o Choose good quality material for your countertop. The best choice is to use steel because steel countertops are robust and durable. Steel is also resistant to rust and fire and has anti-tarnish properties. While this option may seem expensive, it’s worth paying a little extra for such a solid material.

When you are thinking about the right time to install DIY countertops, you have to think about what you will do with the area in the future. Will you be remodeling? If this is your first project, it is best to start off small and work your way up to larger projects, but you may want to opt for larger tiles that give your kitchen a more welcoming look.

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