25+ Living Room That Do Beach-Inspired Decor Right

Beach living room decorating is a very fun activity because you will be able to create one of a kind furniture that complements your decor and fits in perfectly with the overall look of your room. When you have finished decorating your room, you can make any number of adjustments to reflect your individual taste.

I remember when I was younger, my mother had this huge white beach house on the ocean. We used to come back from picnics on the beach. The first thing I did when I got home from school was to bring over all my toys and books and spend hours just laying in my bedroom and going over my favorite stories. My mom said it was because she loved the ocean so much that she loved spending time there, which is why she would often buy beach decor from the store and put it into my room.

25+ Living Room That Does Beach-Inspired Decor Right

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I never really liked my beach room at all but I guess I still lived in it when I went away for summer vacation. It was always beach themed so it was always perfect for me to the sleepover. It wasn’t really a guest room but it was perfect for me to spend a night in, without someone having to disturb me too much.

Now that I am older and the ocean theme has faded, I decided to redecorate my old bedroom and bring the ocean theme back into it. I’m not sure what kind of trends or styles are most popular these days, but I would guess that ocean themed rooms are becoming quite popular again. I think I’m probably one of the last people to purchase ocean-themed furniture but then again I’ve been a lifelong fan of the ocean.

I decided to change the wallpaper in my room but I had already tried a lot of different materials for the walls, not just curtains. I have done black paint before, but it looked so fake it was almost unnoticeable. I then tried using plain white and it looked really cheap, too. I didn’t want to go for anything too simple but I did want something that was unique.

So, I made a decision to try using white curtains but I don’t know why. If I had known how it would look in my room, I would have put more thought into it. White curtains could have really helped the overall look of my room but they really didn’t fit with my decorating theme. I ended up using a similar shade of blue as I used for the throw pillows on my floor.

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I wanted to give my living room a nicer feel and to do that I needed to have a larger table for the TV and other electronics. I also needed a big couch with a nice dark brown couch throw and some nice lamps. I found an outdoor coffee table that matched well with my sofa and I also bought some fabric curtains. These would match the couch and the flooring.

To finish off my beach living room decorating I bought some wicker chairs and a patio umbrella. I even bought some candles and flowers, because I wanted my beach room to be tropical and I wanted to create a tropical feel.

Andrea Jessica

Andrea Jessica

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