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5 DIY Medicine Cabinets Easy To Make

Making a medicine cabinet? It could be a great idea. It is easy and simple to make and it’s also affordable. We need it to store our medicine, thus it will not clutter your space and look messy. The medicine cabinet is not only to store the drug, yet it can be used to store bathroom items like shampoo, soap, and lots more.

Then, you can also store your facial sunscreen which is worn every single day. I have some outdoor concepts that will inspire you. So, before getting started you can come and see the following ideas. Let’s check this out!

  1. Hideout
Source: Pinterest.com

Declutter your medicine with this smart medicine cabinet. This medicine cabinet is made of wood and has a pretty look from white color. This cabinet helps the owner stick to a healthy routine. You can hang this cabinet in your wall space or bathroom.

  1. Put Mini BasketĀ 
Source: ar.pinterest.com

To make your medicine cabinet looks organized, you can put a basket to store the drugs or other goods on it. The basket will help you to make your cabinet tidier. Besides, you can add a board where you can write down any messages on it to remind you or note something important.

  1. Make it Iron
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Another element to making a medicine cabinet is by using an iron. This cabinet is affordable, thus you don’t need to cosh much money to make this cabinet. Store the drugs in this first aid cabinet to declutter your room. Looking simple yet very multifunction where you can store any different things.

  1. Wooden Cabinet
Source: mimardekor.com

Not only for storing drugs, but you can also use this cabinet for any different goods. Use this cabinet for so many different things – office supplies, art supplies, hair stuff, nail polish, and lots more. This cabinet is completed with an open shelve which can be used to store any goods.

  1. Performance by Colour
Source: Pinterest.com

Last but not least. Designing your medicine cabinet with colors. It can make your cabinet looks more intriguing and appealing. If the medicine is associated with white colors, you can change it with another color.

Well, to organize so many items, you can use a variety of containers to create a medicine cabinet, thus your room will look organized and tidy. Try it at home and improve yourself!



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