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6 Stylish DIY Book Shelves

Before buying bookshelves whether for the living room, bedroom, or home office it’s better to make them by yourself if you have free time. If you feel that individual shelves look too messy and cluttered for your walls or room, you can DIY any kind of shelve that looks simple like pegboards. These are bookshelves you can DIY with pretty and stylish using iron, pipe, wood, or other elements. Let’s have a look!

  1. A Diamond Shelving
Source : wickedasf.com

Almost all people like a diamond. If you are looking for shelves for your collection of books you can make your shelves in this diamond shape. It is easy to make this shelve and you can store your books vertically or horizontally. To get a fresh look, add greenery with indoor plants.

  1. A Tree Shelving
Source : Pinterest.com

It could be a great idea to get such intriguing bookshelves. Rather than buy the new one and of course, you should spend more money on it, you can DIY by using a wooden board. These bookshelves are simple and fit in any home design, especially minimalist design.

  1. A Pallet Shelving
Source : fb.ru

If you don’t want to cost much money, you can use unused pallets to make your books shelve. It’s optional for you, whether you prefer to stain them up or not. There are two choices to color up your living room, make it in light or dark color. It is suitable for those who live in a small space.

  1. A Ladder Shelving
Source : thespruce.com

Besides storing books this shelve also can put any decoration in your living room. This shelve is a great way to fill your living room space cheaply and give the room a much-needed character. Add greenery, photos, wall art, and other accessories to it. They will go well in your space.

  1. A Corner Shelving
Source : desainrumahnya.com

Then, this corner shelf is also fascinating enough in your corner space. Instead of using another room that already feels crowded, it’s much better to use your corner space. This bookshelf is made of iron in dark colors.

  1. A Pipe Shelving
Source : Pinterest.com

For those who like to invest in an industrial style to build a bookshelf, you can use a pipe instead of wood. This bookshelf is the simplest shelving I’ve ever seen. It takes no time to make and is affordable as well. So, it’s a great choice to DIY this pipe shelving for your book’s collection.

Well, these inspiring bookshelves are very stylish, easy to make, and affordable. You can use any goods around you to create it. Just go for it!



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