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7 Best Low Maintenance Front Yard Design Ideas

Creating a low-maintenance front yard design can be very fun. Low maintenance front yard can be built by investing mulch, choosing native plants, and keeping the grass high and dry. If you live in a modest home, you can make it with a simple design. Just because you only have less front yard space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have such a gorgeous front yard. So, how to create a low maintenance front yard? Whether you have less or more front yard space, here are some low-maintenance front yard design ideas. Let’s have a look!

  1. Create Living Space
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If you are creating an outdoor living space in your front yard, it means you have more opportunities to entertain it. This can be a low maintenance front yard due to you don’t need to take care of grassy areas. To complete the living space in the front yard, add a sofa bed and a table.

  1. Grow Lavender
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Lavender will be a timeless plant in every garden, it comes every year. It has a relaxing aroma and beautiful color. Lavender doesn’t need extra treatment. You only need to water it twice a week.

  1. Add Mulch
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Instead of having grass, you can add mulch to your front yard. It is much better because mulch fertilizes the plants, and prevents grass, and breaking down. This is suitable for the low maintenance yard because of it.

  1. Artificial Grass
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If you don’t want to look after grass in your yard, change it with artificial grass. The artificial grass doesn’t need to be taken care of as the real grass. You can buy them on the market.

  1. Pathway
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The pathway in the yard is also interesting. You can make the pathway using natural stone. Stones come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can get kinds of stone to make the pathway in your yard.

  1. Landscaping Stone
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It almost looks like a pathway if you landscape your front yard with stone. Many kinds of stone can be used to landscape the front yard. This front yard is landscaped from two kinds of stone. You could also use crushed stone to landscape the yard.

  1. Perennial
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For low maintenance front yard, you may plant perennial. Perennial is one of the friendly plants due to it can come year after year. Just buy them and you don’t need to worry about their treatment.
Well, in creating a low maintenance front yard you can do with a simple step. Is it easy, right?



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