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7 Stunning DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

An outdoor space can be very stunning if we can decorate it in the right way. In the outdoor space, we can discover many aspects or things that could be decorated. We can grow any kind of plant such as shrubs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables. Or you can also design your outdoor by installing a bench, gazebo, and lots more.

Then, making the outdoor space feel warm and homey can be done by brightening up the outdoor space. How to brighten up the outdoor space? It’s easy. You could invest in outdoor lighting. If you are on a tight budget, no need to go to the store to buy outdoor lighting. You can DIY it at home during your weekend. Well, here are some DIY outdoor lighting ideas that inspire you! Let’s have a look!

  1. DIY Planter Lighting
Source : decoist.com

Resulting in a unique and pretty outdoor decoration is easy. By investing lighting decoration it can make your outdoor space feel warm. This planter lighting looks so adorable with a round shape and shiny appearance. Put the plants in the planter lighting. It looks like the flower grows in this pot lighting.

  1. DIY Torch Bamboo Light
Source : panduanrumah.com

Looking antique and traditional which is very interesting. This torch lighting is made of bamboo of any varying height. To make this torch lighting you don’t need to cost much money. The traditional design and affordable could create such stunning outdoor decoration.

  1. DIY Wine Bottle Lighting
Source : Pinterest.com

DIYers try to make something special for outdoor spaces. Trying to invest in outdoor lighting by using a wine bottle is great. You can employ the bottle for making outdoor lighting. All you need is a different color of wine bottle, chain, and candle. Hanging these wine bottles lighting on the tree then your garden will look dazzling.

  1. DIY Flower String Lantern
Source : beautifulbluebrides.com

For those concerned about traditional style, this could be the best choice. With lantern and string light, your outdoor space will look fascinating. Just store the string light in the lantern and hang it up in your outdoor according to your wishes. This string light also looks appealing with a flower design. You can select any string light that you like.

  1. DIY Snow Globe Lighting
Source : borus24.com

You are inviting a Christmas vibe to your outdoor area by storing this globe lighting. You can DIY this lighting by using a snow globe and string light or another light if you like. It looks simple yet results in adorable and merry. Then, you can dangle them on the tree.

  1. DIY Vintage Lighting
Source : Pinterest.com

Do you like the vintage vibe? Then, you may have this outdoor lighting for your garden. With plenty of bulb lamps dangling over you, will create such a vintage vibe in your garden. Install the lamp to your garden freely.

  1. DIY Basket Lighting 
Source : tr.pinterest.com

If you have an unused basket in your home, you can use it to make outdoor lighting. Feeling bored with common lighting, this basket light could impress you with its adorable and chic design. It gives you a rustic feel to your garden. Switch the bulb, string light, or another lamp with a candle, and before storing them in the basket put artificial greenery season first.

Is it easy and fun right? You can create such a stunning outdoor by investing in outdoor lighting which you can DIY. Feel free to design and decorate your outdoor lighting!



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