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8 Things You Can Create for DIY Home Decor Project

Sometimes you should spend a lot of money to get such a beautiful decoration for your home. Thinking about picking crafty home decor that fits your room. To get a handmade feel, you can DIY your own home decor. Beautifying a home can do many ways.

For this reason, we can decorate our home by displaying any decorative decor. Whether hanging or standing you can create by yourself. The most important thing is it’s more affordable than buying the new one. It could be easy to get home decor. Given below some ideas that inspire you.

1. Sofa Table

Source : homedecorlinks.com

First, rather than buying a new sofa table, you could make it using a wooden board and iron for the foot. This sofa table has a unique shape, where you can L-shaped for the foot. You can place it where you sit on due to it’s moveable and so simple.

2. Spring Shelves

Source : instalabo.net

Secondly, you make shelves for showing off your indoor plants. This DIY decor is made of wooden boards that are stained up in white color. You can make it by yourself in any shape and design, open shelve or not.

3. Yarn Wall Hanging Decor

Source : Pinterest.com

Furthermore, if you want to fill your weekend with something fun, you can create this yarn wall hanging decoration. If you like color, you can mix many colors to make it. Don’t forget to make Pom Pom as well. Make it at varying heights, colors, and sizes. Just go for it!

4. Ladder Indoor Planter Stand

Source : themerrythought.com

Finding a natural touch for your room can be done by investing in indoor plants. If you are confused about how to store them due to you don’t have much space and are on a tight budget, you can use a ladder to store them. No need to stain up the ladder, just add a hook and hang your greenery on it.

5. Embroidery Wall Decor

Source : Pinterest.com

This is secretly an easy project that makes you look like a professional DIY. Cute, simple, and sweet. I fall for this DIY for sure. Looking incredible with a simple design and you can make it in a minute. Feel free to pick what objects you will make.

6. Monstera Printable

Source : howmade.ru

How about this? It’s printable wall decor. It seems like the others are affordable and simple yet results in beauty. Your guest will fall for this Monstera printable decor. It can fit in any home design, especially minimalist.

7. Succulent Stand

Source : Twitter.com

Using a cake stand for storing succulents? It sounds a bit weird yet creating such a pretty much planter stand. Turn your cake stand into a stunning succulent stand that will be the perfect decoration. You may add any decor to it to complete the looks.

8. Potter Entryway Decor

Source : fd-home.com

To get a beautiful decoration, you can follow this idea. If you like the natural touch you can choose earthy colors for your potter. Mix and match the colors based on your taste. When they are dry, put them on the vase and combine them with greenery.

Above all, you can DIY your home decor in easy and simple ways and on a small budget. Get ready for it!



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