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Brim 13 Bar Espresso Maker with Wood Handle

The Brim Bar espresso maker is a sleek and stylish way to make your favorite drink. The wood handle fits comfortably in hand, while its body made up of durable stainless steel with an easy grip surface on top for safe handling during use – no more burned fingers!

This sleek, stainless steel bar espresso maker is perfect for any kitchen. It comes with a wooden handle and will make you feel like your living in the future!

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Displaying our selection of high-quality bar espresso makers, we have the Brim Bar Espresso Maker. This traditional design features a stainless steel wire mesh filter that improves flavor and aroma for your favorite drink to perfection!
A great way make sure you’re enjoying every sip is with this simple but efficient machine made by one trusted name in home appliances: BRIXMIS SCILLASPICE RISTORANTE . It’ll show up on lists next time someone asks what type or size countertop equipment would be best suited just because they know how good these guys always are at making everything look beautiful while also providing excellent functionality.



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