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Here are 19 of the Coolest Airbnb Properties in 2022

The most awesome Airbnb properties in 2022!
The top 19 coolest listings on this year’s list have been ranked by how many stars they get. The ranking goes like so: four-, three- or two star reviews go up first; one-starring renters will be offered virtual living space right next door to their favorite spot while 2+ rating holders boast stunning views, ornate decorating styles and lux amenities – all without breaking your bank account (or tearing apart any walls).

This is a list of what we consider to be the coolest Airbnb properties in 2022. The first property on our ranking goes by the name “The House On 24 Street” and it’s located right off Caesars Place near Sahara Avenue! This four-bedroom home has an outdoor swimming pool complete with water slide for those hot summer days when you need some cool down time after exploring Las Vegas all day long.

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The hottest Airbnb properties to stay in this year are all located on the west coast of America. For a more unique experience, try staying at one these jaw-dropping rentals:
• The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Condos in Marina Del Rey is just steps from some popular beaches and has an award winning spa! They also offer guests access into Los Angeles’ famous entertainment district with restaurants Galeto’s House Of Fine Art where you can indulge yourself without breaking your budget while enjoying fine food underneath large glass ceilings that make every meal feel like dessert.



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